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It’s Week 10 and if Week 9 showed us anything, it’s that nearly anything can happen in the NFL on any given Sunday. Can’t watch the games today? Follow along with Lauren Carpenter as she keeps you up-to-date with all of the big plays, scores, and turnovers during the 1:00 and 4:00 pm ET games


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4:00 pm ET

Seahawks 0 - Packers 17

Eagles 30 - Broncos 13

Panthers 34 - Cardinals 10

Vikings 27 - Chargers 20

(7:21) The Seahawks are trying desperately to put some points on the board in the last minute of play. Wilson was almost picked off on first-down and ten. Along pass to Tyler Lockett was broken up on an earlier play. There was a timeout with 36 seconds left to go.

Wilson was sacked after the timeout for a big loss and they are looking at fourth down with 26 yards to go. A pass to Lockett wasn’t enough and the Seahawks will have to travel home with zero points on the board.

(7:19) Oh no. It’s getting really chippy with D.K. Metcalf and the Packers. There may be some repercussions after that altercation.

(7:06) Dillon does it again with a touchdown for the Packers. They have a commanding lead over the scoreless Seahawks at 17-0.

(7:04) The Eagles extended their lead by 17 points with a 23-yard field goal.

Dillon just had a very angry run as the snow is coming down in sheets in Green Bay.

(7:02) Oh boy… Russell Wilson was just picked off again. They are losing 10-0 against the Packers. Aaron Jones is officially questionable to return with a knee injury.

(6:58) In the red zone, Herbert’s pass was in and out of the hands of WR Mike Williams. On third and four yards to go, Joshua Palmer hauled in a catch short of the first down. They elected to kick the field goal down by two scores 27-17. The kick brought the game within seven points.

(6:52) With Aaron Jones out of the game, A.J. Dillon scored the first touchdown of the game against the Seahawks.

(6:44) Dalvin Cook just bruised his way into the end zone for the Vikings.

(6:41) This will be under review, but Gordon just fumbled and Darius Slay scooped and scored for the Eagles with time expiring in the third quarter. The call is CONFIRMED - Slay gets an 82-yard return for a touchdown.

INJURY UPDATE: Aaron Jones had to be helped to the sideline and is heading into the blue medical tent.

(6:34) Hurts just threw a bad interception to the Broncos. The Eagles lead by one touchdown and extra point with a handful of minutes left in the third quarter.

(6:25) On the run and under pressure, Cousins found Conklin for his second touchdown of the game for the Vikings.

(6:21) This is odd. Russell Wilson looked like he was picked off in the end zone, but the ball came out… then was recovered by the Packers. It was ruled as a turnover after review.

(6:15) If you’re wondering why there haven’t been any updates on Seattle-Greenbay, it’s because it’s only 0-3 in favor of Green Bay. Not much going on.

(6:11) Chubba Hubbard. Really? Hubbard got the touchdown for the Panthers. Terrace Marshall got the two-point conversion. I guess that’s to add insult to injury? Not sure why they didn’t kick the extra point.

(6:06) McCaffrey is back after a brief stint in the medical tent. Walker was holding his hand and Newton is in at quarterback. He just aired out a huge pass to WR D.J. Moore who drew the pass interference call inside the red zone for a fresh set of downs.

(6:01) The Chargers have come out after halftime like a team on fire. Austin Ekeler got a touchdown on a short pass from Justin Herbert.

(6:00) McCaffrey just went into the medical tent and he was not happy about it. Stay tuned for more updates on his status.

(5:50) There isn’t too much going on right before the half, but the Eagles did kick a field goal.

(5:34) The Panthers kicked a 49-yard field goal to extend their lead to 23-0 over the Cardinals. Hopefully, Kyler Murray gets well soon.

(5:30) The Chargers are in scoring position with a fresh set of downs at the three-yard line. RB Larry Rountree (not Austin Ekeler) got the touchdown.

DeVonta Smith got his second touchdown of the game, despite the terrible matchup on paper.

(5:25) Jalen Hurts just broke off a 31-yard run.

INJURY UPDATE: Dallas Goedert has been ruled out for the remainder of the game with a head injury.

(5:17) On the back of TE Albert Okwuegbunam (Albert O), the Broncos are in the red zone and getting ready to score. Tim Patrick nearly scored a touchdown, but one foot was just out of bounds. They had to settle for a field goal and tie it up with the Eagles 10-10.

The Cardinals just picked off Walker in Carolina territory.

(5:15) The Viking scored with Tyler Conklin for the first touchdown of the game against the Chargers.

(5:05) The Broncos are in scoring position down 0-10 against the Eagles. Melvin Gordon had an easy, straight-up-the-middle run for a Broncos’ touchdown.

(5:03) The Vikings have spent an inordinate amount of time in the red zone trying to score. Cousins found C.J. Ham, but a flag took the score off the board. They are looking at fourth down, tied 3-3 against the Chargers. Greg Joseph kicked a successful 30-yard field goal to take the lead 6-3.

The Panthers scored another field goal. They lead the Cardinals 20-0.

(4:50) DeVonta Smith had a great catch from Jalen Hurts for an Eagles score against the Broncos.

(4:42) Panthers added another three points to their lead against the Cardinals to make it 17-0. The Chargers also had to settle for a field goal and they tie up their game with the Vikings 3-3.

(4:31) Oh boy. Mason Crosby just missed another field goal. It’s the first miss today, but he had a less than stellar outing a few weeks back.

(4:24) Here we go with Cam Newton. McCaffrey went out at the one-yard line and Newton connected with Robby Anderson for a Panthers touchdown.

(4:17) Dede Westbrook? Is that you? Oh no. After a great run from Westbrook, Bosa forced a fumble on Kirk Cousins and the Chargers get the ball.

(4:08) P.J. Walker is the starting quarterback (for now) for the Panthers. Cam Newton is dressed and ACTIVE for this game. Fair warning. Christian McCaffrey got them to the one-yard line but ended up losing a yard on the next play.


Newton just rushed in the touchdown. Of course. I warned you.

1:00 pm ET

Falcons 3 - Cowboys 43

Saints 21 - Titans 23

Jaguars 13 - Colts 23

Browns 7 - Patriots 45

Bills 45 - Jets 17

Lions 16 - Steelers 16

Buccaneers 19 - Washington 29

(4:38) OH MY GOSH! Rudolph’s pass to Pat Freiermuth just resulted in a turnover and the Lions pounced on it. Detroit will have less than 30 seconds to go before it’s called a tie game. After a razzle-dazzle attempt… the game ended in a tie.

(4:33) The next score wins between the Lions and the Steelers with the Steelers on offense.

(4:20) The game is boiling down a 48-yard attempt by Santoso. The kick is…. NO GOOD! Oh, my word.

(4:18) Elijah Moore just scored a garbage-time touchdown from Joe Flacco who is in for Mike White to close out the game.

(4:13) Oh no! Diontae Johnson just caught a pass from Rudolph in overtime but he lost the ball! The Lions will get the ball back after being unable to do anything on their first possession. Could the Lions get their first win of the season?

The Colts recovered a Trevor Lawrence fumble.

(4:05) It’s a party for the Bills running backs. Devin Singletary just ran in a touchdown. They are blowing out the Jets 45-10.

(4:00) The Saints are making an effort against the Titans with a touchdown pass Marquez Callaway. They are going for two, not only to tie it up but also because they missed two extra points today. The two-point conversion was unsuccessful.

(3:50) Washington decided to go for it on fourth down and Gibson found the end zone again! They extend their lead 30-19 over the Buccaneers with only 30 seconds on the clock.

(3:47) Oh my goodness! Terry McLaurin just took a big hit but kept control of the football for a Washington first down in the red zone. Wow! Antonio Gibson got them within the five-yard line in time for the two-minute warning.

(3:43) James Robinson just made leaping touchdown for the Jaguars. The Jags elected to go for two and Trevor Lawrencerushed it in. They were down only by three points 17-20.

Jakobi Meyers scored his FIRST TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!

(3:35) The Lions are going for it on fourth down, tied with the Steelers. They get the first down and stay on offense. They couldn’t do anything with it and the Steelers have the ball back.

The Saints, on the back of a big run from Ingram, are looking at first and goal against the Titans.

(3:30) Mike Evans sighting! He just scored a long, 40-yard pass from Brady after the Washington turnover. They have cut the lead to 19-23 and there is still plenty of time left in the game.

(3:26) Washington has been holding onto their lead over the Buccaneers, but Dax Milne fumbled and Tampa takes back over.

Chris Boswell just made a long kick (51 yards) to tie the Lions 16-16.

INJURY UPDATE: CeeDee Lamb is questionable to return with an arm contusion.

(3:20) The Cowboys keep extending their lead over the Falcons. Prescott just rushed in a touchdown to bring their score 43-3.

(3:18) The Patriots just scored with TE Hunter Henry against the Browns who are beleaguered. New England leads 38-7.

(3:14) Gabriel Davis somehow made a catch on a deep play that looked more like a juggling act between two Jets defenders. Allen scrambled and tried a shovel pass to Dawson Knox, but it went right through his hands in the end zone. Zach Moss rushed in the touchdown on the next play. At least it was someone somewhat fantasy relevant this time.

(3:08) Mark Ingram, filling in admirably for an absent Alvin Kamara, just scored a touchdown on a nice run for the Saints. The Titans still have a heavy lead, but they added another score to make it within reach if they can contain Tennessee’s offense.

Washington won’t go away and they maintain their lead over the Buccaneers with a touchdown from RB Antonio Gibson. They are in the lead 23-13 over Tampa.

Trevon Diggs just logged his eighth interception. The Falcons are staggering and down 36-3.

(3:05) Elliott may have just lost the football after a solid run. Yes, the call on the field is a fumble and the Falcons will take over on offense.

INJURY UPDATE: Baker Mayfield is slow to get up after a clean hit. Case Keenum is warming up on the sideline.

(3:02) Well, this should be an interesting waiver wire conversation for Week 11. Matt Breida just got his second touchdown of the day for the Bills. Why? Never trust the Bills running backs. EVER.

(2:59) TE Cameron Brate just scored a touchdown for the Buccaneers with Rob Gronkowski out for today’s game. The pass was tipped but Tom Brady was still able to connect. The score cut Washington’s lead to only 16-12.

(2:57) Dallas’ defense is having themselves a Sunday after an embarrassing outing against the Broncos last week. This is a revenge game for DC Dan Quinn, the former head coach of the Falcons. They just picked off Matt Ryan who can’t get anything going on offense so far today.

(2:56) The Patriots have given the Browns a beating. Stevenson just rushed in his second touchdown on a two-yard run. They lead 31-7.

(2:50) Inside the ten-yard line, Isaiah McKenzie rushed in an eight-yard touchdown for the Bills. They are finally pulling away from the Jets 24-3.

The Steelers cut the Lions down to just three points with a field goal. The Lions lead 16-3 after an earlier missed extra point.

(2:42) Titans opened up their third quarter in the red zone after Deonte Harris fumbled the kick-off. D’Onta Foreman leads in rushing with eight carries for 24 yards to Adrian Peterson’s four carries. Tannehill hit Cole Pruitt for the Titans’ touchdown.

(2:37) The Lions opened up the third quarter with a rushing touchdown (no, not from Swift) but from Godwin Igwebuike. Sure. It was a 42-yard run that just broke the hearts of fantasy managers everywhere.

(2:34) WR Corey Davis just fumbled the Bills take back over on offense with less than ten seconds left in the half.

(2:25) Diggs hauled in the touchdown for the Bills right before halftime, but the touchdown was taken off the board. Josh Allen went right back to Diggs and this time the touchdown will stand.

(2:23) Stefon Diggs sighting! Diggs had a 57-yard play for the Bills while the Cowboys' defense just blocked a kick and scooped it up to score against the Falcons. There was a foul on the extra point which brought the Cowboys even closer. Elliott rushed in the two-point conversion. They have a hearty 36-3 lead over the Falcons.

(2:20) A personal foul on Washington extended the half and allowed the Buccaneers to add three points on a field goal. Tampa still trails 16-6 heading into halftime.

(2:15) Third and goal for the Lions… Swift was bottled up by the Steelers defense. The Lions kicked a field goal to tie the game as time expired in the first half.

Another play for the Titans, another flag. After the defensive pass interference call, Tannehill took it in himself for a short-yardage rushing touchdown.

Lamb just scored his second touchdown for the Cowboys on a nine-yard pass from Prescott.

(2:13) The Titans seem to be allergic to the end zone right now. TE Anthony Firkser was guilty of a false start which took away a possible score from WR A.J. Brown. They are looking at second and goal with 1:50 left to play in the first half.

(2:10) Taylor Heinicke was nearly picked off after a pass attempt to Carter. He did connect with Ricky Seals-Jones and he looks like he is injured, grabbing his leg.

Ryan Tannehill was just intercepted in the end zone, but there is a flag… roughing the passer on the Saints and the Titans are saved an interception.

(2:08) The Browns defense just gave the Patriots a fresh set of downs after a defensive pass interference call. The Patriots lead 21-7 with touchdowns from Hunter Henry, Stevenson, and Bourne.

(1:57) Najee Harris just had a rushing touchdown called back on an offensive penalty.

Michael Gallup, fully healthy, just made a big catch for the Cowboys to get them on the one-yard line against the Falcons. Elliott rushed in the touchdown and the Cowboys lead 21-3 over the Falcons.

(1:56) Mac Jones hit Kendrick Bourne for a Patriots score against the Browns.

INJURY UPDATE: Terry McLaurin and Chase Young are both in the locker room and are questionable to return. Two big losses for Washington.

(1:51) The Titans tied up the game against the Saints 6-6 with a field goal. Remember, the Smith TD was followed by a missed extra point kick.

(1:46) Ezekiel Elliott has a touchdown as called on the field, but the play is under review.

(1:44) The Lions are keeping pace with the Steelers after a long punt return from Khalif Raymond that set up a touchdown run for … Jermar Jefferson. My apologies to the Swift managers.

(1:41) Trevor Siemian found WR Tre’Quan Smith for a Saints touchdown. They take the lead over Tennessee 6-3 after the extra point was no good.

(1:38) The Cowboys went for it on fourth down and completed to Lamb for a first down in the red zone.

DeAndre Carter (who we all started, I am sure) just scored a 20-yard receiving touchdown for Washington against the Buccaneers.

Jamal Agnew just broke off a huge, 66-yard run for a Jaguars touchdown.

(1:33) Rudolph just threw an interception to the Lions and they take over with decent field position near the 50-yard line. Mayfield also just threw an interception and Rhamondre Stevenson capitalized with a New England touchdown.

(1:28) With Julio Jones on IR Marcus Johnson just had a 50-yard play for the Titans. Jeremy McNichols just missed a touchdown pass and they have to settle for a field goal from Randy Bullock.

Taylor is already having a huge game and he just added a touchdown on a four-yard run. He has a rushing touchdown in seven consecutive games.

(1:27) Oh no, Tom Brady was just intercepted by the Washington Football Team on a pass attempt to WR Mike Evans.

(1:23) Mason Rudolph is in for Ben Roethlisberger who is on the COVID-19 reserve list. He has a good rapport with Diontae Johnson and James Washington and he found Washington for a Steelers touchdown against the Lions.

(1:20) Jets just turned the ball over to Buffalo. It will be an uphill battle for New York in this matchup. Younghoe Koojust made a field goal for the Falcons and Joey Slye just kicked a field goal for Washington.

(1:16) The Colts defense just added a touchdown to their score against the Jaguars with a blocked punt the was returned for a TD by E.J. Speed. Probably one of the best names in the NFL.

(1:09) Of course! It’s Matt Breida with a 15-yard receiving touchdown for the Bills. Ugh. Meanwhile, the Colts added three points with a field goal.

Baker Mayfield was nearly picked off in the end zone. Facing fourth-down, the Browns decided to go for it. Mayfield found TE Austin Hooper who made a nice catch for the score

(1:07) Dak Prescott just hit Lamb on a 13-yard pass for a Dallas touchdown.

(1:04) Colts RB Jonathan Taylor just opened up with a big, 34-yard run and Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb just had a 37-yard play against the Falcons.