Week 10 Fantasy Bad Beats: A time for self-reflection

This week our good friend Devin was raging against the Rams D for his devastating defeat on Monday night. But was that the real reason why he took the L? Judge Andy Behrens thinks not. And after we dive into his opponent's lineup, you'll see that this loss runs deeper than a defense.

Meanwhile, this week's honorable mention goes to our pal Ben, whose team was all yardage with little-to-no reward in Week 10. Brutal.

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Video Transcript

- Yeah. That's right, we're back again. This is the segment in which you definitely do not wish to appear. This is where we discuss your most heartbreaking, agonizing, gutting fantasy losses. This of course, is Fantasy Bad Beats.

Oh, in this week and most weeks, we end up talking about the Monday Night game. Got a tweet here from our good friend, Devin. Devin is the manager of Flock of Eagles. And Devin writes it, Oh, I lost on the fourth down stop by the Rams defense. Imagine losing to the Rams defense, which did nothing right, nothing well on Monday night. Devin's mad. He used the #FFLBadBeats appreciate that.

We're looking at the lineups here. And it looks, let's just a dive into this a little bit. First of all, Devin, you have a pretty good team. block of Eagles isn't so bad. Aaron Rodgers is fine. Obviously Hollywood Brown is fine. Godwin, Ekeler, Gordon, and so on. Kelce, Henderson, this is a good team, this is a good team. You got nothing to feel bad about. You're probably. you know, you're probably a winning franchise I would assume.

Let's talk about your opponent here.


I get it that you're mad about the Monday Night loss. You're mad about losing to the Rams defense, which again, did almost nothing right against the Niners. You lost to a team that started Gio Bernard, La Vista Shenault, that started Chris Carson, a player who has been on IR for multiple weeks. You lost to a team that took multiple 0's, that started a guy who's injured and has been injured and is probably going to continue to be injured. I think this is one of those moments for self-reflection. I think this is one of those things where you don't just blame the fantasy gods. You don't just rage about the Rams defense on Monday night. This was a more comprehensive loss than that. I think a little self-reflection is in order here.

Our dishonorable mention this week, it's going to go to Ben. In part because I heard from Ben at multiple points over the last 24 hours. Ben writes in, "After my team wrapped up 984 yards of offense before my first, and only, TD this week-- of course I lose on Monday Night Football!"

Shout out, shout out to Ben for tracking your actual yardage as a team down to the individual yard, all the way until you finally scored a touchdown. It's remarkable because again, another good team here, another Rodgers team here. He was responsible for 0 touchdowns. Jefferson, AJ, Brown, McCaffrey, this is a loaded team. Started De'Aaron Johnson that was a good decision. And then Daryl Williams of all people gives you your only offensive touchdown. It's kind of amazing I feel bad for you. But I respect that you were tracking every yard until the bitter end.

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