Week 1 Fantasy Bad Beats: Ruined by an extra point

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff

One of the best parts of Yahoo Fantasy Football is that it’s never over until it’s over (unless you’re getting blown out by 100 in time for the evening games — that’s over). Plenty of players have regaled their friends and admirers with tales of how they made an incredible comeback. Those stories are usually amazing to hear…unless you were the one on the other side of such a miraculous win.

The one who suffered the bad beat.

On this edition of Bad Beats, Andy Behrens hears the story of a truly tragic loss suffered by a fantasy player nursing a minuscule lead late in the Week 1 matchup between the Oakland Raiders and Los Angeles Rams.

Victory, in all its shining glory, was in this player’s grasp. Unfortunately, Marcus Peters — and his partner in crime, Greg Zuerlein — had other plans.