Webb believes Sacramento deserves MLB team, feels bad for Oakland

Webb believes Sacramento deserves MLB team, feels bad for Oakland originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Giants ace Logan Webb believes Sacramento deserves an MLB team despite the pain it’s inflicting on Oakland.

Those are the honest sentiments of the Sacramento native, who, growing up in Rocklin, was one of many Athletics fans in his household.

“Yeah, people in my family were A’s fans,” Webb told Chris Rose on the latest episode of "The Chris Rose Rotation" podcast. “I was an A’s fan growing up.”

Now that the A’s are set for a move to Sutter Health Park – home of the Sacramento River Cats – in 2025, the Giants pitcher only can sympathize with the fanbase he once belonged to, and the city of Oakland – for reasons beyond losing the MLB franchise.

“It’s weird,” Webb added. “You know, the worst part about this whole thing is for Oakland. I think the Oakland fans have just gotten … I don’t want to say f---d, but they kind of got f---d.

“They’ve lost three teams in the past 10 years. They lost the Warriors; they went to San Francisco. They lost the Raiders; they went to Las Vegas. And now if they lose the A’s, it does suck.”

At the same time, the 27-year-old, who made his MLB debut with the Giants in 2019, recognizes that the A’s ballpark in Oakland, which has been in operation since their return to they Bay Area in 1968, leaves a lot to be desired.

“Do I think those team should just wear and have to play in the Coliseum for the rest of their [existence]?” Webb asked. “No. That place is a dump. There’s no sugar coating it. No one likes playing there.”

But on the other side, Webb sees his childhood team transitioning to a city that, despite being heavily overlooked from a sports perspective, is deserving and more than capable of housing an MLB team.

“I’ve always talked about it [and] I’ve said it before: I think Sacramento should have a professional baseball team,” Webb said. “I think that fan base deserves one.

“I know that they’re trying to get a soccer team there. They have a minor league soccer team there, but when we go to Kings games, that place is sold out every night.

“It doesn’t matter if they’re winning or losing. They love their sports. I would not be surprised, when the A’s go there, that place being, I know it’s a minor league stadium so [there’s] not going to be many fans, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that place was sold out every night.

“It’s a great sports city. I don’t know why they’re not talked about more when they’re talking about expansion teams and moving places. So, we will see how this goes.”

Earlier this month, Kings owner Vivek Ranadive, also the majority owner of the Giants’ Triple-A affiliate, announced Sacramento as the future home of the A’s for three seasons with an option for a fourth.

And despite not having followed the saga closely, Webb admits the A’s situation has been odd, although it will give Sacramento an opportunity unlike any other.

“I haven’t been paying too much attention [to the] Vegas move,” Webb said. “It just seems kind of weird. It’s official but not official. I know [Vivek Ranadivé] talked about it; the owner of the Kings.

“He was like, ‘Hey, this is our chance to prove that we should have a team here.’ I think it will be great for the city of Sacramento. I do. I do think that they will prove that they can have a team there. It’s the capitol of California.

“It’s not like it’s some random city. I think it’s going to be great for Sacramento.”

Growing up an A’s fan from Sacramento, perhaps there’s no one caught in the middle like Webb.

“Like I said, it sucks for Oakland,” Webb added. “I feel for Oakland. I feel it. I was a fan of the A’s. I went to a ton of games at the Coliseum.

“I went to Raiders games there. It’s tough. When we play there, I love it. It’s like one of the only places where they tailgate still, which is cool.

“But, like I said, I’m excited for Sacramento. They will prove that they deserve to have a team there.”