'Weave your magic Tony Docherty'

Your Views

We asked you where Tony Docherty needs to strengthen his side in the summer transfer window.

This is what you had to say:

Darren: Two full backs and a finisher.

Phil: We definitely need bolstering on defence, as both full back positions need signings. Could do with another centre back, too. A wide player and at least two more strikers as well, so at least six positions need filling. I would like to see Aaron Donnelly, Dara Costelloe, Owen Dodgson and Jon McCracken sign permanently.

Carl: We need additional strength in defence, midfield and a proven goalscorer. Easy to write but mega difficult to carry out, as most teams, and some with loads more cash than us, are in the same boat. Go to it Tony Doc and weave your magic once again like you did last season!

Iain: We need a striker who can give us 15+ goals a season. We didn't take enough of our chances last season. We also need someone to look after the pitch!

Rod: A central defender needed the most as we let in too many goals last season. Like every team, a goal scorer up front would help us into the European spots next season. If we get some of the loanees back from last season then they will be more experienced as will our young players. We need to bring our own young players through every season.