On Our Way Home is moving very well (unfortunately for me)

I used to bristle at the idea that the Christmas season kicked in right after Halloween. Now, I'm into it.

Why not enjoy this time of year as long as possible? It's over as of January 2 (if not sooner, depending on when your family takes all the stuff down). Why not get it started earlier?

And, yes, one reason I'm now embracing the Christmas-starts-on-November-1 vibe is that November 1 was the day On Our Way Home became available for purchase. The commitment to donate all proceeds to my local animal shelter (pre-tax for the first $10,000) has fueled a strong to quite strong opening run.

Some have purchased multiple copies of the paperback to give to family and friends. That's actually a good idea. And it's an easy (and, more importantly, cheap) holiday gift for anyone you know who is a reader of PFT and/or a reader of books.

You can get as many copies as you are inclined to buy right here, for $9.99 each. (The ebook is only $3.99.)

I've been trying not to mention any spoilers regarding the story, other than to say it lands at the intersection of A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life. Which means that: (1) there are ghosts; and (2) the main character is going through some things.

So keep buying it. Start reading it. If you like it, make sure others know about it (a review on Amazon would be helpful), so that they can buy one for themselves and copies for friends and family for whom gifts need to be bought between now and the end of December.

Every purchase helps rescued dogs and cats that are waiting for permanent homes. I'm not keeping a penny of what I make. If anything, it's going to cost me at least four grand, which I'm happy to pay if it means that $10,000 will go to the shelter — and that some of you will read it and be motivated to make things right with someone in your life with whom things have gotten rocky.

Finally, I almost forgot. Send an email to with the subject line "On Our Way Home 11/4 Giveaway" to enter for a chance at a free, signed copy. (Donald in Arizona won last week's contest.)

Thanks to all who have bought one or more copies. Keep it up. At the current rate, it eventually could become a Festivus miracle.