From way downtown … bang: Harlem Globetrotter sets Guinness World Record for longest basketball shot (Video)

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I mean, if you're going to take a low-percentage shot, I guess it might as well be in the service of making history. Here's Corey "Thunder" Law of the Harlem Globetrotters taking, and making, an overhand beyond-full-court heave from 109 feet, 9 inches away at U.S. Airways Center, home of the Phoenix Suns:

Pffffffft. Stephen Curry does that, like, once a game. So does Kevin Love, and he's just passing it.

With his 36-plus-yard heave, Law — a 6-foot-3-inch, 23-year-old forward who played his college ball at High Point University in North Carolina and is in his first year with the Globetrotters — set a new Guinness World Record for longest made basketball shot ever recorded. His bucket takes over the top spot from one hit in February 2011 by Elan Buller, a former Pepperdine University point guard who connected from a paltry and embarrassing 104 feet, 7 inches out.

After having his crowning achievement certified, Law spoke with the Globetrotters' website about the experience of etching his name in the annals of history:

What was your training or preparation?

I just worked on a lot of flexibility, because I was preparing as if I was going to be shooting the shot for several hours straight, and I didn't want to pull any muscles.

What was your strategy or approach to going for the record, when you stepped on court?

Not a lot of strategy; I just wanted to hit the shot. I really look up to Buckets and Slick — my teammates that were shooting with me — and I thought I could earn some "cool points/respect" if a rookie could break a world record.

What was it like when you lined up to take that shot? What was going through your head?

Ball, please go in, before my shoulder gives out!

What world record will you attempt next?

It might be fun to try the world's longest hook shot.

The folks at Guinness don't appear to have a "longest hook shot" on record, so I'm going to assume the mark's still held by Woody Harrelson. Or maybe that Heat fan LeBron tackled. One or the other.

Let the challenge ring out to trick shot artists the world over — a new bar has been set. A new gauntlet has been thrown down, and from insanely far away. Rise, purportedly perfect dudes. It is time to get epic.

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