The new wave of Oregon-Big Ten discussion is lacking in significance

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Realignment has slowed down dramatically over the past few weeks after the initial flurry of speculation in July. We’re not really seeing any notable movements or shifts in the realignment process or the national college sports map.

What has changed in recent weeks? Sure, the Big Ten has announced its media rights package, but that has not changed the incentives for Notre Dame. If anything, the Big Ten — by grabbing a prime-time package on NBC — has increased the odds Notre Dame will remain independent. If Notre Dame and the Big Ten are both under the NBC umbrella, there’s no reason for the Irish to switch conferences and divide up their revenue pie. They can stay on NBC and get top dollar and not have to share any revenue.

If Notre Dame does stay independent, that will slow the pace of realignment, because Fox and the Big Ten will be very choosy about adding other schools. This doesn’t mean more realignment won’t happen — we have told you to expect more moves in 2026, when the new postseason plan (whatever it turns out to be) begins and the College Football Playoff ends — but it does mean that there won’t be any immediate movements.

The report that Oregon (Phil Knight) is talking with the Big Ten doesn’t reveal anything new. Of course the Ducks would talk to the Big Ten! That doesn’t mean deals are being made. It means the parties are making their positions known. That’s all.

There’s no indication these conversations are leading to any noticeable plot twist or game changer in the near future.

There’s really no immediate drama in realignment right now, especially since the Big 12 did not poach any Pac-12 schools over the summer.

Let’s enjoy actual football games.

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