Watch young Dwayne Haskins share his goals of becoming an NFL quarterback

Ryan Homler
NBC Sports Washington

In sixth grade, most kids are concerned with video games, cartoons and trying to eat as many dinosaur chicken nuggets as possible. Dwayne Haskins was not your typical sixth-grader.

A video from the Instagram page delusionalredskinsfan showed clips of a young Haskins discussing his youth football career and his plans for the future. Even at an early age, the quarterback was determined to one day shine in the NFL and knew exactly what it would take to get there.

"What I want to achieve is, I want to go to the NFL. I want to have an education, be a smart quarterback," Haskins said. "Not always run the ball all the time but still be a balanced quarterback. And have fun while I'm doing it."

Current Haskins has kept his promise as he enters year two with the Redskins. After a successful career at Ohio State, the quarterback has achieved his dream of playing professional football. He's also shown that he is a balanced quarterback with a rocket for an arm. While his rookie season was tough at times, Terry McLaurin mentioned that the passer is also getting back to that mentality of having fun out on the field in 2020. 

Additionally, young Haskins' answers demonstrated that he's always had a knack for improving his game. The Redskins passer has spent much of the offseason working to improve his game in all areas. Even in sixth grade, that same determination was there. 

"I learned about coverages, my mechanics were a lot better than last year," Haskins said in the clip. "Before, I used to throw side arm because I watched Vince Young a lot. So I was getting into that habit, and then I changed that."


That answer sounds like something a veteran quarterback would say, and yet it came from a 10-11-year-old just beginning his football journey. Also, there was this very well-deserved flex by the young football star:

"I have the IQ of a 10th grader in high school on coverages," he said.


Clearly, Haskins was always destined for success in football. His work ethic and skills that are now being put on display in Washington aren't new to him, as the younger version of himself was just as determined and special. A decade later, little Dwayne Haskins would probably be happy -- but not yet satisfied -- with where current Dwayne Haskins is at in his career.

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Watch young Dwayne Haskins share his goals of becoming an NFL quarterback originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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