Watch This Whale and Her Calf Put on a Stunning Show for Nearby Surfers in Australia

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Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images
Photo credit: NurPhoto - Getty Images

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  • A whale and her calf surprised a group of surfers at a beach in Australia.

  • The pair of southern right whales swam just feet away as the baby calf remained close to her mother’s side until getting a little too curious.

  • Southern right whales migrate to the area for breeding before heading to colder water for feeding.

A group of surfers were surprised to discover a large whale swimming with her sweet calf just feet away at Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia. A breathtaking video taken of the curious creatures shows the baby calf near to its mother before they swim a little closer to say hello.

Witnesses originally thought they were humpback whales, but wildlife experts later said they believe these are actually southern right whales. These whales have an inquisitive nature, which may have contributed to the exciting encounter. The pair came as close as 32 feet from the surfers, according to Metro UK.

The video above shows the small calf becoming a little too curious at one point, swimming close to the group. That’s when instincts kicked in for the mother, who then swam under and used her tail to brush a few surf boards before going on their way.

Known for traveling through the New South Wales coastline, southern right whales have previously been spotted in the area within the months of May through November, according to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service’s Wild About Whales campaign.

Southern right whales are also typically found in shallow waters and off shore near the beach, which explains why those nearby were able to see a magnificent show on an otherwise typical day. These distinctly dark grey creatures are broad on the top and swim without needing to balance with a dorsal fin thanks to their large pectoral fins. Another telltale sign that differentiates these baleen whales? White patches on the stomach area, which can be seen on the mama whale ever so slightly.

These aquatic mammals are also downright playful since they love to leap out of the water, making big splashes known as breaching, per the Whale and Dolphin Conservation. They can actually breach multiple times, making the scene a splash-worthy spectacle of a lifetime. Southern right whales are also able to do “head stands” and use their wide fins to hit the top of the water to create splashes.

Southern right whales breed in warm areas such as Australia and New Zealand and feed in colder waters near Antarctica. But while they’re here, it’s nice to see them and their little ones, too.

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