Watch U2's Bono and the Edge bicker like an old married couple (for charity)

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So you think your spouse is driving you crazy? Try being in a band that’s been around since 1976 … stuck with the same old guys for four decades … as U2’s Bono and the Edge humorously point out in a new video for charity.

In this exclusive clip, the two iconic musicians offer fans the chance to win an afternoon playing miniature golf with them, with proceeds benefiting Bono’s charity (RED), which is working to end AIDS.  Sounds pretty straightforward, right?

Well … like we said, there’s a lot of history here.

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“U2 is a lot like being in a marriage,” Bono says. Edge adds that like any married couple, he and Bono sometimes like to try new things to keep the relationship fresh. “Which is why Edge and I have taken up miniature golf,” Bono says.

While the frontman is busy explaining what the winning bidder will get to do, his guitarist is busy doodling about on his phone looking up the various names for miniature golf.

“So many names for mini-golf,” marvels the Edge, pecking away at his screen. “In Germany they call it Bannongolf.” By the time Edge gets to “putt-putt,” Bono has had it — and it’s a good thing he doesn’t have a golf club in his hands at that very moment.

If you’d like to get your own chance to play with the bickering band members (we know they actually love each other, right?) go to now to get the full details on how to enter the contest — which is part of the third annual (RED) SHOPATHON — and make your own donation to help the fight against AIDS. The winner will not only get to play with U2, he or she will also be treated to airfare/hotel and a pint with the band after the big (mini?) game.

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