Watch: Travis Kelce Hits Teammate With Stone Cold Stunner After Touchdown

Dan Gartland
Sports Illustrated

Whether it’s Keenan Allen putting on a title belt or Golden Tate dropping the People’s Elbow, NFL players and WWE celebrations are a match made in heaven.

On Sunday, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce stepped into the ring and hit fullback Anthony Sherman with a Stone Cold Stunner after opening the scoring with a three-yard touchdown catch from Patrick Mahomes.

It was an awesome celebration, made even better by adding commentary from Jim Ross.

The move also earned Kelce props from huge wrestling fan 49ers tight end George Kittle, whose Twitter profile picture is a photo of him delivering a Stunner at an indie wrestling show in Iowa.

In all honesty, Kittle’s Stunner is far superior to Kelce’s, but maybe they can settle this thing in the ring.

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