Watch: Titans players name their favorite CFB players

The college football regular season is on the verge of reaching its conclusion in the coming weeks, so the Tennessee Titans social media squad decided to have a little fun with some of the team’s players.

Several of them were asked to name their favorite player(s) to watch at the collegiate level, and unsurprisingly, many of them went with players from their alma mater, former teammates and even family members.

However, not everybody went that route.

One of the most popular college players chosen by many Titans was Ohio State wide receiver, Marvin Harrison Jr. Among those who chose MHJ were Jeffery Simmons, Colton Dowell, Ryan Tannehill and Chris Moore.

Some of the other players listed were:

If I had to pick my personal favorite, I’m definitely siding with the majority and picking the best wide receiver prospect since Megatron, Harrison Jr.

Story originally appeared on Titans Wire