Watch: Tiny cub getting assist from momma bear is ‘cuteness overload’

Traffic in a small Connecticut town came to a standstill Sunday when a momma bear appeared in the road and hastily retreated to retrieve its newborn cub, which was lagging behind.

Momma bear dragged the tiny cub into the middle of the first lane, dropped it and apparently told it to follow her. Before exiting the road, momma bear turned to ensure the cub made it safely across.

The encounter occurred in Avon with footage captured by a bicyclist.

The person who posted the video described it like this to ViralHog:

“I was riding my bike and came across a Mama Bear trying to cross the road with her newborn cub. The Mama bear was very protective and stared at both sides of the road to ensure that there was no danger and then began crossing the road. She had to go back and drag her cub onto the road, after which this little tiny cub cutely crosses the road.”

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The reaction from viewers was predictable. A sampling from the commenters on the YouTube post:

“Oh my…cuteness overload, I’ve never seen a baby cub so small. Thank you for posting this.”

“That cub is so very tiny! I love that the people stopped to allow mama bear to get her cub across safely to the other side.”


“That is the smallest cub I have ever seen.”

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