Watch: Steph Curry gifts Lindsay Lohan and her husband his game jersey

Steph Curry is among the biggest draws in the NBA. Even at 35 years old, he’s capable of doing extraordinary things on a basketball court. As such, celebrities often flock to watch Curry. Those in attendance for the Golden State Warriors overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday (Feb. 3) were treated to a special spectacle, as Curry went for 60 points.

One of the celebrities in attendance for that game was Lindsay Lohan, who was accompanied by her husband, Bader Shammas. Curry was then seen gifting his jersey to the couple in a moment that went viral across social media and, of course, the basketball news cycle.

Of course, Curry and the rest of the team signed the jersey. Still, it’s true; the jersey will be an amazing keepsake. However,  memories of witnessing one of the greatest basketball players in history have such an amazing night will likely hold greater importance.

You can watch Curry gift Lohan and Shammas his jersey by clicking on the embedded video above.


Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire