Watch: Shaun White's return to halfpipe after brutal crash

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How do you come back from this? How do you get on your board again after slamming face first into the side of a halfpipe, a fall that required 62 stitches, emergency surgery and five days in intensive care? How do you put that out of your head and psyche yourself up to try the same trick again – a Cab Double Cork 1440?

How does Shaun White not think about this …

Shaun White was injured during a training run in New Zealand.
Shaun White was injured during a training run in New Zealand.
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Just a few days after White took a career-threatening fall while training for the 2018 Winter Olympics, his coach JJ Thomas was asked about the two-time gold medalist’s return in time for the Games. He wasn’t optimistic.

“If you’re asking me if I think he’s done or not, it’s 50-50,” Thomas replied.

Episode 2 of “SnowPack: Shaun White and the U.S. Snowboard Team” follows White’s recovery – from walking out of a hospital in New Zealand, through physical therapy, to his return to training and finally back to a halfpipe in Austria to try it again: the Cab Double Cork 1440.

SnowPack is an eight-part documentary series exploring White’s journey back to the Olympics.

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The 2018 Winter Olympics will be broadcast on NBC Sports.

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