Watch: Shaun White's quest to the 2018 Winter Olympics hits a snag

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Shaun White has won two Olympic gold medals.

Doesn’t matter.

He’s won 13 Winter X Games golds.

Doesn’t matter.

Not now, not when the competition is landing hit after hit and, well, he’s not.

“I heard somebody say something once, ‘What got me here won’t necessarily take me the rest of the way,’ ” he explains in Episode 5 of SnowPack: Shaun White and the U.S. Snowboard Team. “You gotta adapt and change for what the situation calls for.’ That’s what’s working for me right now.”

This is the essence of Shaun White, knowing that the two gold medals in his pocket aren’t going to win him a third, that his name is good for getting a table at a hot restaurant, but not enough to cover up mistakes on the hill.

There, it’s up to him, and in one of the final qualifiers for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games — which he had yet to qualify for — things weren’t going well.

Episode 5 of SnowPack follows Shaun White to Breckenridge, Colorado, where he continued his quest to make the U.S. Olympic team.


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