Watch: Sean McVay shows off his insane memory by breezing through Rams schedule trivia

Sean McVay forgets nothing. He’s like a savant when it comes to football, whether it’s play calls from five years ago or a player’s specific stat line.

He’s known for having ridiculously good recall and he’s shown it off before, but his performance in this schedule trivia video shared by the Rams is mind-blowing. He was quizzed on facts about each of the Rams’ 14 opponents in the upcoming season and he passed with flying colors.

A first-and-goal play call from three years ago? He knows it. The Packers’ top three all-time leading receivers? Easy peasy. The quarterback Aaron Donald brought down for his 100th career sack? Check. The exact play call on Puka Nacua’s first career reception? Not even a second of hesitation from McVay.

He went 14-for-14, getting every single question correct. How does he do it?

“I have no life, really.”

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire