Watch: Sean McVay featured in hilarious ‘ManningCast’ audition video

Sean McVay flirted with making the jump to television in the last two years before ultimately deciding to return to the Rams and continue coaching. It seems inevitable that at some point in the future, he’ll be in the booth calling NFL games, but that time isn’t now.

There’s no question McVay will be a great play-by-play analyst, with his wealth of football knowledge. He’s just not a fit for what Peyton and Eli Manning are looking for on the “ManningCast” on ESPN.

McVay and a bunch of other stars – from the sports world and otherwise – appeared in a hilarious new video where they auditioned to be the third host alongside Peyton and Eli, and McVay’s pitch didn’t go so well.

He tried to get out a ridiculously long play call but Peyton interrupted him by shredding a photo of McVay’s face. So, yeah. He didn’t get the job.

You can watch McVay’s audition in the video below, though the whole 7-minute skit is sure to make you laugh a bunch.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire