Watch: Saints OL Cesar Ruiz tackles his own running back

There are times as a defender when you really want to tackle an opposing running back, but things just don’t work out the way you would prefer. This happened to the Green Bay Packers’ defense on Friday night against the New Orleans Saints. Running back Tony Jones Jr. (No. 34) was rumbling down the left side of the field, and there were several Packers defenders who had a serious problem bringing Jones down.

Leave it to Green Bay linebacker Isaiah McDuffie to get it done by any means necessary. McDuffie (No. 58) was out of position to make the tackle, as interior offensive lineman Cesar Ruiz (No. 51) was in McDuffie’s way.

So, as our own Laurie Fitzpatrick points out, McDuffie came up with the veteran move of pushing Ruiz into Jones, and that’s a tackle no matter what you think.

We’re not sure how to score that. Does Ruiz get an assist along with McDuffie? And what will film day be like in the Saints’ facility. Ruiz is a very good player, so we’re guessing the static he gets for this will be good-natured.

Story originally appeared on Touchdown Wire