WATCH: How Rockets fans reacted to Carmelo Anthony's return to Houston

Jamie Hudson

HOUSTON -- With the Blazers playing in Houston to open their current three-game road trip, it meant the return of Carmelo Anthony to a place that could be considered home.

So far, he's received cheers from Denver, New York and Chicago. 

By the end of the game in Chicago, fans were even chanting, "We want Melo!"

But Anthony's time in Houston, while short, was tenuous. 

Anthony played a total of 10 days for the Rockets last season.

Anthony played just 10 games for the Rockets, averaging 13.4 points on 40.5% shooting (32.8% on 3s) in 29.4 minutes per game.

His time in Houston didn't end well, ending in Carmelo leaving the team before eventually being traded to the Bulls. 


"I was surprised by it, big time," Anthony said of the end of his time in Houston. "It went from, ‘Oh, this is a piece we want, this is a piece we need.' Mind you, we had been talking for three years, four years, they were trying to get me to come to the Houston Rockets, and I finally went there. So I get there, I'm thinking everything is good. I'm doing everything I've got to do - never miss a practice, did all my work, I was real professional with everybody there. I did what I had to do. I did my work."

Wednesday marked his first return to Houston since being traded. Heading into the game, Melo didn't seem too fazed by it. 

I honestly don't have any feelings about going back. I was only there a couple weeks. I don't really have any type of feelings going back. – Melo said after Monday's win over Charlotte 

When he was introduced pregame, Houston fans cheered. 

It wasn't an overwhelming amount of cheering. More of a golf clap. But they didn't boo him. 

It appears all parties have moved on and no bad blood exists. 

WATCH: How Rockets fans reacted to Carmelo Anthony's return to Houston originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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