Watch retires to stream for Kongdoo Company

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Watch has retired from competitive LoL (Kongdoo)
Watch has retired from competitive LoL (Kongdoo)

Kongdoo company published an interview with professional jungler, Cho “Watch” Jaegeol to announce his retirement and decision to become a full time streamer for their company.

Watch, after playing in the League of Legends Secondary Pro League in 2016, has decided to become a full-time streamer for Kongdoo Company. Kongdoo was previously known as em-Fire, the team released by NaJin in 2016. Before coming to China, Watch was a long-time member of the NaJin organization, having played for them since his League of Legends career began in 2012. Watch attended three consecutive World Championships under the NaJin brand. Prior to his LoL career, Watch was a StarCraft player known as Tazza.

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Aside from being known as a somewhat inconsistent jungler, Watch is also known for his good lucks and popularity with fans. In his interview with Kongdoo, he said he enjoyed his life in China, despite his team’s poor results and would like to return some day. For now, he has decided to retire primarily due to health concerns for his mother. “My mother was unfit,” Watch said, “so I thought I gotta stay with her. Thus, this inspired me to start broadcasting while I live with her.”

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