WATCH: Referee-assisted interception returned to the house by Thompson Warriors

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It’s the “Un-immaculate Interception!”

The Thompson Warriors hardly need any help holding opposing offenses from nearing the end zone, having roadblocked their way to four shutouts in the team’s first six games of the 2021 season. More so, the No. 5 ranked squad in the USA TODAY Sports Super 25 certainly doesn’t need any lucky breaks— but they got one Friday night against Vestavia Hills (Ala.).

To the tape!

In all fairness and multiple replays, the ref looked like he tried his best to get out of the way of the throw—”A” for effort and “LOL” for the rest of it.

It’s not Franco Harris via John Fuqua via Jack Tatum (allegedly) via Terry Bradshaw, but it certainly shows that anything can happen under the lights of Friday night.

And you all thought the 12th Man was only a Seattle Seahawks thing.


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