Watch Puka Nacua’s funny and fantastic appearance on the ‘Pat McAfee Show’

Puka Nacua is more than just a fantastic wide receiver. He’s also a great person and has a personality that has an immeasurably positive impact on the locker room weeks  in and week out.

It’s obvious that he plays with a ton of passion every Sunday, but he also treats the game of football for exactly what it is: a game. He goes out and has fun, whether it’s catching 10 passes or three.

His infectious personality was on full display during his appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show” this week, a wide-ranging interview from his relationship with Cooper Kupp to the insane cost of living in Los Angeles compared to Utah, where he grew up.

“It is crazy expensive because if I think about how much my rent costs right now, what I would be living like in Utah, man, I would be living like a king. It’s crazy because I don’t even know what’s L.A. Everybody’s like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m in L.A., too.’ And then they send their location and they’re 2 hours away and I’m like, ‘There’s no chance you’re in L.A. Sorry, you’re not in L.A. where I’m in L.A.’”

One of the best moments of the interview was when Nacua was asked about the Rams’ playbook and game plan, which he compared to a “Harry Potter” book.

He even admitted there are times in a game where Kupp is telling him his route just before the ball is snapped.

“There’s some weeks where I feel super confident and the next week we’ll come in and it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re reading a Harry Potter book.’ And I’m like, ‘All right, Matthew, you’re the guy.’ Right before the huddle, that’s the ones where I’m like, ‘Coop, what are we doing?’ And he’s like, ‘You got the shallow right here, Puka.’ Like, the ball’s being snapped and he’s like, ‘Shallow! Shallow! Outside release!’”

The entire interview is awesome and worth your time, so check it out below.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire