Watch: Prowling tiger bows to ‘titan herd’ of elephants

A large tiger was captured on video recently crouching in the grass to hide from massive elephants crossing a trail just feet away in India.

The footage, captured by naturalist Vijetha Simha, begins with one of the elephants trumpeting as if to announce the detection of the tiger just to their left.

The tiger crouches and almost becomes invisible as the first of three elephants – including a youngster – begin to cross the trail in the rain.

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The footage (posted below) was shared by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service.

Susanta stated via Twitter: “This is how animals communicate & maintain harmony… Elephant trumpets on smelling the tiger. The king gives way to the titan herd.”

Several seconds after the three elephants cross and disappear into the brush, the tiger stands and begins to follow, only to be chased away by a larger, trumpeting elephant that was bringing up the rear.

Whatever the tiger had hoped to gain from this encounter did not materialize.

Wrote the Times of India: “These creatures are so large that one can do nothing except bow down to their majesty. Now that the tiger has paid his respects to the ‘god of the jungle,’ they can go about their business.”

Story originally appeared on For The Win