Watch: PJ Hall emotional following Clemson’s huge win over Baylor

The Clemson men’s basketball team scored a massive win in the Second Round of the 2024 NCAA Tournament, beating Baylor 72-64 and advancing to the Sweet 16 to face the Arizona Wildcats.

Clemson advances to the Sweet 16 for just the second time since 1997, which should tell you enough about how big of a win this is for the program. While Clemson’s star big man PJ Hall hasn’t been playing his best basketball in the tournament, his emotions after the game showed how much this win meant to him and the program.

“It is special. It is what I came here for,” Hall said after the game. “It has been a dream of mine to get to this tournament and then advance far in it and just take another step in that.”

“I love these guys to death man. There are so many guys that care, from the managers to 15 guys on the bench,” Hall said. “It is just a special group. Golly, this is fun.”

Clemson was struggling before entering the tournament, but that doesn’t matter if you get hot at the right time. The Tigers are hot right now, when it matters the most.

“After the BC game, we got punched in the mouth by just about everybody you could think of and that shows the resilience and depth of this team to stick together and to know none of that mattered,” Hall said. “None of the favorites matter. None of that mattered. All that mattered was in this room, this staff and the heart we have been showing for two games straight.”

Clemson faces a tough Arizona team in the Sweet 16, but we can expect them to bring their best.

Story originally appeared on Clemson Wire