Watch: Panthers Kicker Graham Gano Is a Kickball Cheat Code And His Wife Knows It's Not Fair

Khadrice Rollins
Sports Illustrated

It's always great when we can see pro athletes hanging out with their families.

Whether they have cute kids or a really funny family member they interact with, there is something special when you get to watch athletes relaxing with the people they love.

There is also something that is super awesome when you get reminded about how skilled and talented athletes are and you get a remainder that you probably can't do what they do.

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So when Graham Gano played kickball with his children, it gave us the best of both worlds as we got to see his family acting like any other family that spends time together while also being reminded that none of us have a leg like Gano.

Gano made the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career last season when he made 29-of-30 field goal attempts for the Panthers.

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