WATCH: Pair of Dallas takeaways close the door on the 2022 preseason

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With just over two minutes left, Seattle forced a three-and-out from the Dallas offense to give themselves a chance to retake the lead in a one-point game. After a first down incompletion, it was a disaster on second down with a fumble that bounced forward and linebacker Storey Jackson quickly recovered it to retake possession for the Cowboys.

With the preseason coming to a close, Dallas has plenty of roster decisions to make and strong showings from undrafted rookies will force them into some tough choices but they may have a strong group of practice squad players when it’s all said and done.

Storey’s takeaway secured the Cowboys’ lead but a quick three-and-out earned the Seahawks another chance to erase the 1-point Dallas lead. The following Seattle possession lasted one played, with a tipped ball that dropped into the hands of safety Juanyeh Thomas.

The Cowboys’ five takeaways secured a victory to end the preseason and the next time they take the field will be against the Buccaneers to start the regular season.

Story originally appeared on Cowboys Wire