How to watch Notre Dame-Toledo on Peacock

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Decades and decades ago Notre Dame football grew to the be the iconic brand it is nationally at least in part due to allowing radio stations to air their games for free. That made fans nationwide of a football team they very likely never saw play in person.

I say that to say this:

I hate that Notre Dame’s game against Toledo is airing only on Peacock. I get times are changing and largely for the better but this feels like a money grab by both NBC and the University all while spitting in the figurative face of the accessibility that helped make Notre Dame football what it is.

I understand occassionally having to move from NBC to NBCSN (is that still a thing?) or USA Network, but this is an attempt to gain more subscribers to NBC’s app and nothing more.

With that all stated, here is how you can join the dark side like I’ll be doing and pay for Peacock in order to watch Saturday’s Notre Dame-Toledo football game:


  1. Click this link to Peacock
    (or search apps for Peacock on your smartphone or tablet)

  2. Click “Unlock with Premium”

  3. Enter “NOTREDAME” as the promo code if you want to pay for three months of Peacock for $7.50 instead of the $4.99 it would cost for one month.
    (*Limited time offer. Get 3 months of access for a single, one-time payment of $7.50. Upon conclusion of the 3-month offer period, your subscription will auto-renew on a monthly basis at $4.99/month until you cancel. Cancel at any time by visiting your Peacock account. Offer expires 9/12/2021. Must be new to Peacock Premium. Limited availability. U.S. only. Additional restrictions may apply.)

  4. Fill out your information and click ahead to payment information, fill that out as well and you’re done.

This is anything but an advertisement as I despise that fact Notre Dame is only being shown on essentially a pay-per-view service this weekend. I just want you to be able to watch the Irish like I figure you’d like to do this Saturday seeing as you’re currently on this site.

It’s really that simple, though.

Never has it been so easy to feel so dirty while sitting down to enjoy a Notre Dame football game.


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