WATCH: NFL showcases Patrick Mahomes’ top 10 plays from 2023

The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII by the skin of their teeth, due in no small part to the heroic efforts of Patrick Mahomes, who has been a rock for the team since taking over as its starting quarterback in 2018.

Mahomes has one of the longest highlight reels of any quarterback in the NFL and has three Super Bowl rings to show for his incredible tenure under center in Kansas City.

The league showcased his top 10 plays from 2023 in a post to social media this week, giving fans across the country a chance to re-watch some of Mahomes’ most exciting moments.

Few players can rival Mahomes’ ability as a playmaker, and these highlights served as an excellent reminder of what the Super Bowl LVIII MVP can do on the gridiron.

Though the 2024 regular season is still months away, one thing is clear: There is never a bad time to re-live the history that the league’s preeminent quarterback has already made.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire