WATCH: NFL highlights of Texas great Earl Campbell surface on Twitter

Earl Campbell was a problem for NFL defenses. The Longhorns great rode strength, athleticism and tenacity to a strong NFL career for the Houston Oilers.

Prior to his career with Houston, the Tyler Rose earned the Heisman Trophy, coming within one win of a national championship. However, some of his best football came at the next level.

Video surfaced on Twitter of the legendary running back during his time in Houston. The run displayed Campbell’s balance, explosion and football IQ as he ran through and over the Los Angeles Rams defenders.

On the play, Campbell received a toss to the left, evading a defender on one foot before turning upfield. Then, Earl did what most coaches would advise against, lowering his head into the defender’s chest.

Leading with his helmet would normally be seen as a spinal hazard. The Los Angeles linebacker ended up absorbing the forceful blow, while Campbell ran upfield unscathed.

In a last ditch effort, Rams defenders pulled the powerful running back down by his jersey, ripping it off his shoulder pads. There will never be another Earl Campbell.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire