Watch: Naomi Osaka Shares What Serena Williams Said to Her After the U.S. Open

Emily Caron
Sports Illustrated

Naomi Osaka defeated her idol, Serena Williams, in straight sets of the U.S. Open final. Despite Osaka's victory, Saturday's spotlight was on Serena after the tennis legend received several penalties for arguing with the chair umpire.

As the match came to a close, the crowd began booing. Osaka was unsure if the crowd was booing her or Williams, but Williams seemed to reassure Osaka after whispering something in her opponent's ear.

During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Osaka shared what Serena said to her after the controversial final.

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Watch the clip below:

"She said that she was proud of me and that I should know that the crowd wasn’t booing at me," Osaka told Ellen. "So, I was really happy that she said that."

She added: "At the time, I did kind of think that they were booing at me because I couldn't tell what was going on because it was just so loud in there so it was a little bit stressful."

Osaka became the first Japanese woman to win a Grand Slam with her U.S. Open win.

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