Watch Mike Perry pitch a UFC 300 fight with Nate Diaz to Hunter Campbell on the phone

Nate Diaz has been making a lot of noise lately about fighting at UFC 300 and if he’s truly serious about that, there’s at least one man ready, willing and able to accommodate him.

And that’s Mike Perry.

Because, you see, Mike Perry is the type of guy to see Diaz talk sh*t on social media – talking about “UFC 300 would be tight but there’s nobody to fight” – and then take action by getting UFC chief business officer Hunter Campbell on the phone to try to convince him to set it up.

That’s exactly what Perry did on the most recent episode of the “Overdogs Podcast,” which you can watch in the video below (starts at 28:28):

Perry: “Nate Diaz says there’s no one to fight on UFC 300. I’m saying me and Nate, y’all could bring me back for a little purse and then throw in the PPV points, and then we could have a great show for UFC 300.”

Campbell: “I’ve got a better idea: Why don’t you call f*cking … why don’t your guys talk to f*cking Nate and get him to go over and fight you there (in BKFC)?”

Watching that entire conversation (which may or may not have been illegal to record, by the way) was both hilarious and fascinating. We know – at least publicly from Dana White – that the UFC and Diaz have remained on good terms despite his departure from the promotion last year. And based on this conversation, it appears that’s also the case with Perry, who left the UFC in late 2021.

Perry has reignited his career as a bareknuckle boxer, going 4-0 in BKFC since his debut in February 2022. He’s the promotion’s “King of Violence.” Meanwhile, Diaz lost in a boxing match to Jake Paul last August.

You telling me you wouldn’t want to see Perry and Diaz throw down in the cage? Sign me up!

Story originally appeared on MMA Junkie