Watch: Mic’d-up Cooper Kupp gives rookie Drake Stoops route-running tips

Cooper Kupp brings a ton of value to the Los Angeles Rams, both on the field and off it. On Sundays, he’s one of the league’s best receivers when healthy. During the week, he and Matthew Stafford incessantly prepare for their upcoming opponents in the film room with their own early-morning tape sessions.

This time of year, he helps the younger players on the roster by coaching them up in practice. He did just that during OTAs this spring, taking some time to share tips with undrafted rookie Drake Stoops between reps.

The Rams caught a couple of those conversations when Kupp was mic’d up, sharing the video on YouTube Thursday.

“You did good, though. Good job staying down, driving through that next one before your eyes snapped back. Helps you turn,” Kupp told Stoops.

They continued chatting later in practice, too.

“I think the best ones happen when it’s a counter to what you’re trying to do,” Kupp said. “I want to go in but I don’t think it’s that break. I’m going to go out. Those are the best ones. You don’t predetermine. You just feel it as the rep goes.”

Stoops must spend a lot of time studying Kupp’s tape because he had some Sean McVay-like recall during that chat with Kupp. He remembered a certain technique Kupp used against the Saints years ago.

“Like the one against the Saints at the Coliseum,” Stoops said.

“Back in 2018,” Kupp added.

“It looks like you did that same thing,” Stoops said.

Kupp: “Same thing.”

The Rams played the Saints on the road in 2018 and at home in 2019, so either Stoops got the location wrong or Kupp got the year wrong. Regardless, it was a great conversation between the two wideouts and an impressive callback by Stoops.

There may not be a better wide receiver in the NFL to learn from than Kupp so Stoops is in a great position to succeed in L.A.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire