WATCH: LSU fan casually strolled on the field during game action on Saturday night, and the reactions were hilarious

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Rowdy (and likely inebriated) fans running onto the field during play is nothing unique. It happens literally all the time.

Generally, though, they aren’t this nonchalant about it.

During LSU’s 65-17 blowout win against Southern on Saturday night, a Tigers fan ran onto the field during live action, though “ran” may not be the best choice of words. More like “wandered.”

The fan walked through the end zone and reached the 10-yard line during the play before he was apprehended by police following a brief game of cat and mouse. It was a semi-viral moment from a rout that didn’t feature many newsworthy situations.

Here were some of the best reactions and jokes on social media.

Story originally appeared on LSU Tigers Wire