Watch: Lions swim across flooded river as though it’s no big deal

A safari guide based in Kenya has shared footage showing two male lions crossing a flooded river and emerging on the opposite bank as though it was just a casual swim. (Footage posted below.)

“Three Sankai boys crossing the flooded Rongai River this morning,” Richard Generally, referring to the Sankai Pride, described Tuesday via Instagram.

Lion Lovers shared the footage hours later and cautioned, “Be quick guys, watch out for crocodiles.”

The footage begins with three lions pondering the crossing and two of the three entering the water and being carried swiftly downstream. The two are then shown on the opposite shore, looking back across the river.

Generally assured in the Instagram comments section that the third lion also made it safely across.

The footage was captured in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya.

–Image and video courtesy of Richard Generally

Story originally appeared on For The Win