Watch: Lions pull off a perfect flea-flicker for a TD

Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson dialed up Queen in his playbook in the first half of Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

“Flick of the Wrist”

The Lions capitalized on Seahawks rookie CB Devon Witherspoon, who bit hard on the play-fake and was nowhere near Kalif Raymond when the Lions wideout hauled in the 36-yard touchdown.

“Don’t look back
Don’t look back
It’s a rip-off”

Witherspoon apparently didn’t study his Bruan May or Freddie Mercury in preparation for facing Jared Goff, Jahmyr Gibbs and the Detroit Lions.

“Baby you’ve been h-a-d”

Touchdown Lions! Detroit made the conversion and took a 14-7 lead with the masterful song and dance flea-flicker.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire