Watch: Klay Thompson hits Kings with “too little” after game winner

Klay Thompson hit a buzzer-beating game-winner over the Sacramento Kings on Nov. 1. The veteran wing celebrated by chest-bumping Draymond Green before walking away from the action and doing the “too little” gesture before adding insult to injury with the “rock the baby” cradle motion.

The Golden State Warriors have now defeated the Kings twice this season. Both games have been closely contested and had fans on the edge of their seats. Thompson had been relatively quiet throughout the game but came alive in the clutch. His defense was also a key aspect throughout the contest.

Sacramento has improved tremendously under Mike Brown‘s tutelage and continues to give the Warriors tough games. It’s clear the Kings are on the up, and their return to the postseason wasn’t a fluke. However, the Warriors keep finding ways to ice the game.

You can watch Thompson’s celebration from his game-winning shot by clicking on the embedded clip above.

Story originally appeared on Warriors Wire