WATCH: K.J Henry’s dad dons Washington jersey after Commanders drafted his son

The Washington Commanders liked Clemson defensive end K.J. Henry so much that they moved up in the fifth round to select him.

On Saturday, when the Commanders called Henry, he was home with his family eating chicken pot pie. He took the call, spoke to head coach Ron Rivera and after he hung told his family, “The Commanders.”

Henry’s family was excited — especially his dad.

Shortly afterward, Henry’s father came down the stairs wearing a Washington jersey and hat and embraced his son.

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This wasn’t a case of Henry heading down to the local to buy a jersey. Henry was sporting a No. 54 Jeremiah Trotter jersey from 2002.

That’s a true fan.

Trotter played just two seasons for Washington, and the jersey Mr. Henry was wearing was the franchise’s 70th-anniversary jersey and Darrell Green’s final NFL season.


Henry told local reporters Saturday that, yes, Washington was his father’s favorite team.

“He’s not, [from the area], I haven’t really gotten, I got to now, but I hadn’t really, really gotten down to the bottom of what made him a Washington fan,” Henry said. “I have to figure it out. I have to figure it out. I never really asked, but he’s been one since I’ve known, since I’ve been able to see him coach football and things like that. Trust me, I’ve been watching this team for a long time.” 

K.J. Henry admitted he formerly rooted for the Eagles, but that has now changed.



Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire