Watch John Harbaugh and Mike Vrabel's tense, brief postgame meeting

Ryan Wormeli
·2 min read

Watch John Harbaugh, Mike Vrabel's tense, brief postgame meeting originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Sometimes in the heat of the moment after close losses, the last thing you want to do is congratulate your opponent.

For Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, it looks like he had no interest in shaking hands with Titans head coach Mike Vrabel immediately after Tennessee's 30-24 overtime victory in Baltimore.

There was a lot of animosity between the two teams on the field Sunday afternoon, including multiple instances of pushing and shoving both before and during the game. It's not fair to speculate on whether or not the bad blood - dating back to the Ravens' upset playoff loss to Tennessee in January - played a role in Harbaugh waving off the handshake. We are in the middle of a pandemic, after all, and he may have just not seen the point in any unnecessary contact.


Whatever the reason, when Vrabel jogged over to exchange postgame pleasantries, Harbaugh was not having it. Though the video is inconclusive, at least based on the comments that followed. After the game, Vrabel expanded on the interaction, claiming the two coaches did actually shake hands after all.

“I went to celebrate with Derrick [Henry] and congratulate him, and then I ran back and shook [John Harbaugh’s] hand," Vrabel told reporters." I asked what the issue was before the game and he said there wasn’t an issue."

Vrabel doubled down when asked if Harbaugh refused to shake hands, saying, "No. Absolutely not. No. I have a lot of respect for John [Harbaugh] and we shook hands."