Watch Jae Crowder become Brandan Wright, right before your very eyes (Video)

There's a reason "Jae Crowder" "versatile" returns several thousand results on the popular search engine — apparently, the Dallas Mavericks rookie is a flippin' shapeshifter.

Several thoughts about this:

1. If I was going to morph into a Mavs teammate, I'd probably pick Dirk Nowitzki over Brandan Wright. No shots, Brandan; I just think people would be nicer to me if they thought I was a guy who's about to pass Patrick Ewing for 17th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. (Then again, the ruse would probably be up pretty quick once they realized I wasn't capable of keeping up Dirk's crazy hot shooting, which has seen him hit 61.2 percent from the floor and 55.6 percent from 3-point range over the past week. It'd be neat before that, though.)

2. Pretty sneaky, coach Rick Carlisle. Here we thought you kept putting different players in the starting lineup because you're an insane tinkerer, but really you were just making Jae Crowder assume the shape of a different teammate every night because you wanted him to gain important experience developing his unique ability. They don't call you one of the best in the biz for nothing.

3. Between Crowder as Mystique, Denver Nuggets forward Wilson Chandler as The Juggernaut and that killer "Ricky Rubio as The Sentry, DeMarcus Cousins as The Hulk" goof I made on Friday, we appear to be entering a real boom time for NBA Player As Marvel Universe Characters comparisons. Please feel free to extend this wonderful era by leaving your favorites in the comments.

Oh, by the way, Crowder/Wright had nine points, six rebounds, three blocks, two assists and one steal (total) in Dallas' 113-108 win over the Utah Jazz on Sunday. Asked about his/their/its impact on the proceedings after the game, Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin shouted, "DEMON! DEMON! DEEEEEEEEEEMOOOOOOOOOOOON!"

Video via MrShane1551. Hat-tips to r/nba and former boss J.E. Skeets.

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