How to watch Inter Miami preseason as Lionel Messi gives update on injury

Lionel Messi and Inter Miami's superstars are next in Japan as they continue their mammoth preseason tour ahead of the 2024 MLS season kicking off on Feb. 21.

Messi didn’t feature in Miami’s latest game in Hong Kong and Inter Miami head coach Tata Martino had an update on his injury as he apologized to fans that Messi couldn’t feature and the Messi gave an update giving more details on his current injury.

Officials in Hong Kong have talked publicly about the situation and weren't pleased that Messi didn't play and that he didn’t address the stadium. But after all, if he's injured then he's injured. What can Inter Miami do?

Messi injury update

Lionel Messi spoke in a press confernce in Tokyo ahead of Inter Miami’s game against Vissel Kobe.

“The truth is that it was bad luck that I couldn’t be present on the day of the match in Hong Kong,” Messi explained. “In the first game of the tour in Saudi Arabia I felt discomfort in my adductor and that’s why I left the match. In the second game I played the minutes I played to test myself, to see what sensations I had and how I felt because I had an MRI done and the results showed that I had swelling in the adductor, but there was no injury. That’s why I tried.

“Then we went to Hong Kong and we were in the open training and I was present because of the number of people there and because there was also a clinic with kids and I wanted to be present and participate, but the truth is that the discomfort was still there and it made it very difficult for me to play. Unfortunately, it is something that happens in football, in any game it can happen that we get injured. It happened to me and I couldn’t be in the game in Hong Kong and it’s a shame because I always want to participate, I want to be there, and even more so when it comes to these types of games where we traveled so far and people were so excited to watch us play.

“I hope we can return and we can play another game in Hong Kong and I can be present as I do whenever I can, but the truth is that it is a shame that I was not able to participate. Today in the afternoon we are going to train, the first training session has already happened, and I am going to test how I’m feeling again. The truth is that I have very good sensations in comparison to the past days and depending on how it goes I will see if I play. If I’m honest, I still don’t know if I will be able to or not, but I feel much better and I really want to be able to play.”

Tata Martino had confirmed that Messi has suffered an injury in his adductor. It was described as being soreness and it made it impossible for him to play in Hong Kong.

“I ask the fans for forgiveness and I understand their disappointment due to Messi's absence. His injury could have worsened if he had participated, which is why we made the decision not to play him,” Martino said.

Both Messi and Luis Suarez were left out due to that reason as fans in Hong Kong were extremely frustrated not to see them in action. As Messi said, he hoping to be ready for their next game in Japan as once again fans are eagerly anticipating seeing him in action.

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Messi vs Ronaldo doesn’t happen as Inter Miami go global

After playing twice in Saudi Arabia and losing twice, plus missing the chance to play against Cristiano Ronaldo who was injured, Inter Miami went to Hong Kong and beat the League All Stars 4-1.

Messi didn't feature as he sat on the bench. The Argentine superstar saw over 30,000 fans turn up to watch him train the day before the game but he didn't play.

Next up is a game against Vissel Kobe, captained by Messi's long-time Barcelona teammate Andres Iniesta, and then Miami head home to host Messi's boyhood club Newell's Old Boys.

The preseason preparations continue to see hype build around one of the most eagerly-anticipated teams in MLS history with Messi, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets joined by Luis Suarez for the 2024 season as the Barcelona legends are back together.

Below are details on how to watch all of the action from Messi, Suarez and Co. as Inter Miami head to Hong Kong and Japan on their way back to the USA for the start of the 2024 season.

How to watch Inter Miami preseason tour

Game 1: El Salvador 0-0 Inter Miami - January 19
Game 2: FC Dallas 1-0 Inter Miami - January 22
Game 3: Al Hilal 4-3 Inter Miami - Monday (January 29)

Game 4: Al Nassr 6-0 Inter Miami - Thursday (February 1)
Game 5: Hong Kong League 1-4 Inter Miami - Sunday (February 4)

Game 6: Vissel Kobe vs Inter Miami - Wednesday (February 7)
Kick off: 5am ET
How to watch: Watch live on Apple TV+

Game 7: Inter Miami vs Newell's Old Boys - Thursday (February 15)
Kick off: 7:30pm ET
How to watch: Watch live on Apple TV+