Watch: Humpback whales crash family picnic in ‘unreal’ fashion

A family from Hoonah, Alaska, drove to False Bay recently for a picnic, unaware that acrobatic whales would be providing the entertainment.

The accompanying footage, captured July 31 by Jessie Wright, shows five humpback whales breaching almost simultaneously as Wright’s mom exclaims, “Oh my God!” (There’s also a moment with saltier language.)

Wright was with her mother, two children (Deborah and Hayden) and their cousin throughout a spectacle that Wright described as “unreal.”

“The whales were even talking to each other,” she told FTW Outdoors. “It was an experience of a lifetime and at the ages of 15 and 13, my kids got to enjoy an experience that many [other kids] haven’t.”

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Hoonah is on Chichagof Island on Alaska’s panhandle, 30 miles west of Juneau, surrounded by the Tongass National Forest.

Wright said of the breaching whales: “There were two more that jumped before I got what was on the video. But there were a ton of whales out there, and they would randomly jump for like 40 minutes after that video.”

Story originally appeared on For The Win