Watch Goldendoodle Millie Hysterically Ignore Her Mom's Pleas to Get Off the Kitchen Table

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Millie stands on kitchen table and ignores pleas to get down
Millie stands on kitchen table and ignores pleas to get down

Courtesy of karburrows / TikTok

Millie the goldendoodle's owner finally found out what she gets up to when she's not home, and thankfully she was kind enough to share the results with us via some amusingly relatable TikToks.

Karlee Wippler, karburrows on TikTok, posted the first video Oct. 17. It's footage from an at-home dog camera—like a Furbo—that allowed Wippler to see Millie and speak to her through a microphone. Wippler quickly made use of that speaking feature because the camera revealed fluffy Millie standing on top of the kitchen table.

"Millie! Get down! Get down!" Wippler sternly instructs before starting to laugh. She tries again and again for more than 30 seconds and Millie just stares at the camera.

The look she's getting from Millie is one every doodle and poodle owner knows very well. It's the "Oh, I know I'm doing something I shouldn't be, and I know you're telling me to stop. But I don't feel like it, and you're not here to make me" look. (I have been on the receiving end of this stare many times over the past 13 years.)

Millie finally descends, only to go and place her front paws on a nearby counter, eliciting another "Get down!" from Wippler, who had just finished thanking her dog for finally leaving the table. It results in more laughter from Wippler (along with the rest of us).

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That video has been watched more than 5.8 million times—but wait, there's a sequel. Later in the week, Wippler posted Part 2. This time, Millie had laid down on top of the table, curled up in what looks like the perfect napping position. Wippler has to utter "Millie" six times—with an "Are you ignoring me?" in between—before her dog finally turns. Her mom repeatedly tries to persuade Millie to sleep in her bed. It didn't work.

The 37-second video, watched nearly 600,000 times, ends with Millie still on her new favorite bed. Doodles: sometimes stubborn!

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