Watch: France goalkeeper has bug fly into his mouth during World Cup match

(Yahoo Sports via FOX)
(Yahoo Sports via FOX)

Hugo Lloris has enough problems. He’s a great goalkeeper, but his French side is expected to contend for the World Cup title, and he’s tasked with supporting a back line that’s talented but clearly the weakest link of the team.

He doesn’t need distractions. Apparently the insect universe doesn’t care.

Early in the first half of France’s quarterfinal match against Uruguay, this happened:

It flew right into his mouth!

As usual, Lloris’ reflexes were spot-on. He spat that bug out in less than a second, saving himself as quickly as he often saves France.

The moment was reminiscent of Colombia’s loss to Brazil in the 2014 World Cup quarterfinals, when a giant insect landed on James Rodriguez’s shoulder, thoroughly untroubling the Colombian star.

If nothing else, it appears insects are as big fans of the World Cup as the rest of us.

Joey Gulino is the editor of FC Yahoo and moonlights as a writer. Follow him on Twitter at @JGulinoYahoo.

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