WATCH: Former Texas pass rusher Joseph Ossai scores first NFL touchdown

Pass rushers don’t often score touchdowns. Joseph Ossai earned a rare score of his own on Sunday. The former Texas Longhorns standout recorded the first touchdown of his NFL career.

Ossai has seen plenty of expectation and hype since joining the Cincinnati Bengals. An injury derailed his rookie season from the breakout many believed could ensue. This season, the former Longhorn is making the most of his opportunities.

Texas hopes it has a comparable talent on its roster in Barryn Sorrell. Unheralded and underrated, Sorrell is cut from the same cloth as Ossai. The Bengals pass rusher is known for relentless effort. Sunday’s fumble recovery only strengthens that reputation.

Ossai is just one of the Longhorns that will play meaningful football after this week. The Bengals will have a rematch with the Ravens on the same field they won on this week. The skilled athlete is representing his University well at the next level.

Story originally appeared on Longhorns Wire