Watch: Elk flips over fence in major fail as herd looks on

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As he was traveling on Highway 95 north of New Meadows, Idaho, Rob Underwood came across a herd of about 200 elk crossing between ranches. Watching for 45 minutes or so, he noticed one particular elk standing out from the herd—the one lacking grace as it attempted to jump over a fence.

The elk failed to get its feet clear of the fence and tumbled head over heels, landing upside down on the other side of the fence but quickly scrambling to its feet, as if to say, “Nothing to see here.”

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It then crossed the street as if nothing happened. Underwood captured the moment in video.

“The voice in the background was a ranch owner that lived nearby,” Underwood told USA Today/For The Win Outdoors. “I reacted similar to the voice. Never seen anything like that. Was crazy to see it for myself.”

Photo courtesy of ViralHog.


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