Watch: Detroit Lions Podcast Senior Bowl setup show

Friday night isn’t normally when the Detroit Lions Podcast goes live with the weekly broadcast, but this week was a worthy exception.

It’s about to be Senior Bowl week, and that’s the unofficial kickoff of NFL draft season. We’re headed there once again for live coverage from Mobile. This will be my 14th year and the 5th for Chris, and we’ll be live on radio row.

This episode breaks down what we’re watching during the practices and what happens during the week, including the unusual access to scouts, players and NFL decision-makers. What have we learned about the Lions from last year’s Senior Bowl, when the team ran one of the squads?

There’s some discussion on potential players, as well as some possible coaching tweaks that are coming for Detroit. Aaron Glenn remains a candidate for the Arizona Cardinal head coaching position, and we go through what might happen if Glenn leaves too.

Story originally appeared on Lions Wire