WATCH: Dennis Allen addresses Saints locker room after their win over the Colts

It’s always good to see a victorious New Orleans Saints locker room. The team shared a look into their postgame celebrations after Sunday’s win over the Indianapolis Colts, including a speech from head coach Dennis Allen.

“Congratulations to everybody in this room. That was a good team that we played,” Allen said, pacing the room. “And that was a good team win that we had. And everything didn’t go exactly like we wanted it to all the time. We had to overcome a little bit of adversity at times. But that’s what good teams do. They overcome adversity when it hits.”

And the Saints did that. They overcame a 10-point deficit in the second quarter for the first time this season and just the second time with Allen at head coach; in eight other games, that proved enough to knock them out. Hopefully it’s the start of an upswing for them.

Story originally appeared on Saints Wire