WATCH: Cowboys fans booed Dak Prescott, threw trash at him in loss

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WATCH: Cowboys fans booed, threw trash at Prescott after Bucs loss originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

We're only one week into the NFL season, but Dallas Cowboys fans are officially melting down.

Late Sunday night, three-plus quarters into the Buccaneers manhandling Dallas at Jerry World, franchise quarterback Dak Prescott jogged off the field to get an X-ray on what would eventually be revealed as a sprained thumb. Prescott is out for six to eight weeks with the injury. It's a serious injury!

But apparently disgruntled Cowboys fans didn't want to hear it, and were so fed up with the abysmal showing from their team Sunday night (3 lifeless points in four quarters) that they booed Prescott as he left the field with team officials and even threw multiple pieces of trash at the QB.

Here's a fan-shot video from the scene of the crime:

That's just sad.

I don't want to hear any excuses about it being just a couple of fans, or about it being late at night and them probably just being drunk from a day of excess. I don't want to hear anything.

This is a really ugly display.

Was it only two fans throwing trash? Sure, that's true. It's also true that the majority of the stadium wasn't in range of Prescott, and that a fair number of fans were already streaming out with the game clearly in hand.

And the booing was very clearly way more than just a few people. You can be disappointed in your team, but booing the QB as he jogs off when he was pretty obviously hurt? Yeesh.

All around, just bad stuff for the Cowboys and Cowboys fans everywhere. Be better.